Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game: Best Victims Tier List

Wondering which is the best victim you can play as in Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Here's our victims tier list to help you select the best one in TCSM.

Even though you could have the best tips while playing as a Victim, you have to pull one up on the Family. This is exactly why you need the best Victims tier list for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. However, the best victim does not guarantee success since you have to fight back. Fortunately, the perks and abilities that the best ones have might come incredibly in handy. TCSM is a game where players will need the best of their perks and abilities while also upgrading their attributes as they level up. So, playing with the best victim in the game should be on your agenda and this guide will help you with that.

Best Victims Tier List in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game

Who is the Best Victim in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Since each Victim and Family has different perks and abilities, it could be a headache for players to try out every single one of them. If playing as the Family is your jam, you can check out our Family Tier List. However, if you love the blood-drenching anxiety of finding the best exit spots and playing as the victim, you should try picking the best character. Our Victims tier list below will help you with that in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

S Tier Victims in TCSM

A Tier Victims in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

  • Ana
  • Sonny

B Tier Victims List TCSM

Who is the Best Victim in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game?

Connie is without doubt the best victims that players can select in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Her stealth and sneaky ways will ensure you can stay away from the family in the best hiding spots. Additionally, her Focused ability is quite useful to unlock doors and gates without causing much troubles or triggering Grandpa’s powers on occasions.

That’s all we have on the best Victims tier list in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. If you found this guide useful, do check out our other Family Tier list  right here at Gamer Tweak.