Texas Chainsaw Massacre Best Family Abilities Tier List

Here are the best family abilities in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre tier list, so you know which character to pick and level up right away.

Finding the best family in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre tier list can save time leveling them up. So today, we found the best Slaughter family you can pick to make your hunt much easier in this asymmetrical survival horror multiplayer game. We will base this on their abilities to find the victims as soon as possible in the game.

Best Family in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Tier List

Tiers Slaughter Family
S+ Tier Sissy
S Tier The Hitchhiker
A+ Tier The Cook
A Tier Johnny
B+ Tier Grandpa (non-playable)
B Tier Leatherface

Best Family in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Tier List


  • Sissy: Even though Sissy’s ability Bane is one of the best in the game, and she plays similarly to Hitchhiker (being as fast as him), these are not what makes her special. Her main ability is efficiently harvesting blood from victims and buckets around the map for Grandpa. She can quickly bring Grandpa to level 5, and then if you assign someone to protect him, it is an outright game over for any remaining victims.
  • The Hitchhiker: Since the days of beta and early access, this macabre artist was the best the game had to offer for family players. Apart from his trap skills, he can constantly follow his victims by easily maneuvering the obstacles that other family members lack. He is the best family member to hunt and pressure victims continuously. Hitchhiker is a must-pick in any match.


  • The Cook: One of my personal favorites. What he lacks in his speed due to old age, he adds a lot to the entire family’s skill. His ability to “seek” enemies and reveal them to the entire family is one of the best things in the game. Additionally, he carries three locks, which, if carefully planned, can turn any match into a nightmare for your victims.
  • Johnny: Being one of the newest members added to the family along with Sissy, Johnny is a skillful hunter who can track his prey throughout the game. Like other famous asymmetrical survival horror games, he can see the footsteps of the victims and track them to their location depending on how recently the footprint was left behind. Apart from this, he is so young and strong that his attacks will confuse your victims and make the entire game difficult for them if they are not quick on their feet.


  • Grandpa: Even though he is part of the game mechanism and an NPC, leveling him up is the best way to pin down the location of any victim who manages to escape other family member’s abilities and stay on the family property. If you can dedicate your players, like Sissy, to solely focus on helping Grandpa, the tables will immediately turn in your favor.
  • Leatherface: Although Leatherface represents everything about the franchise and is a compulsory character in each match, many players do not like playing as his character. What he lacks in his speed and maneuverability can be compensated with his chainsaw, But to get the most out of the chainsaw and turn your swings into deadly blows, you have to perfectly time in the chainsaw mini-game. A wrong move and jam up your chainsaw, too. And wanking around with the loud noise of the chainsaw inside the house. But once you put in more hours and nail down his play style, he will easily rank up in the tier list for you. And as he is a “compulsory” pick, you need to start picking Leatherface for yourself to get the best out the game in the long run.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Best Family Abilities

Here’s what I think are the best family abilities in Texas Chainsaw Massacre right now:

Tier Abilities Family
S Seek The Cook
A Trap The Hitchhiker
B Hunt Johnny
C Bane Sissy
D Maim Leatherface

That’s all for best family abilities in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre tier list. This list will help you pick your character in the early game. But once you put 30-40 hours into the game, this list will completely differ. Everyone has their playstyle and thus finds one family member better than others in any given situation. While you are here, check out more of our Texas Chainsaw Massacre Guides we have covered for more tips and tricks in the game.