All Time-Sensitive Quests In Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

Baldur's Gate 3 has a unique world, and some quests require a sense of urgency. This guide explains all the time-sensitive quests in BG3.

While Baldur’s Gate 3 offers a vast open world to explore at your leisure, some quests require a sense of urgency. Unlike other objectives that can be tackled whenever the player is ready, time-sensitive quests must be completed before a deadline or face consequences. In this guide, we’ll explain all time-sensitive quests in BG3.

Time-Sensitive Quests in BG3 (Act 1-3)

BG3 Recruit Druid Halsin to party as companion

Act 1 Time-Sensitive Quests

Emerald Grove

  • Emerald Grove Battle: Defeat the goblins attacking the grove within 1 long rest or the tiefling who opens the gate will die.
  • Druid Grove Ritual: Complete within 10+ long rests or the ritual will conclude. Stop the timer by helping Kagha.
  • Investigate the Beach: Save the boy from harpies within 1 long rest or he will die. Also save him before the Goblin Camp.
  • Save the Tiefling Child: Rescue her from the snake before dealing with the Goblin Camp or she will die.
  • Tiefling Bard: Help her compose music before the Goblin Camp or the chance will be missed.
  • Sazza the Goblin Prisoner: Save her from the tiefling before defeating the Goblin Camp or she will die.


  • Dying True Soul: Speak to his disciples within 1 long rest or they will leave.
  • Owlbear: Deal with the goblins in the cave before 1 long rest or they will kill the mother owlbear.
  • Burning Inn: Enter and save those inside or they will all die after 1 long rest.
  • Bugbear Assassin: Immediately kill the assassin to save his target looking through the telescope.
  • Zhentarim Hideout: Interact before 1 long rest or the camp will vanish. Speak to the artist to continue his questline.
  • Caravan Ambush: Save the merchants immediately or they will die after 1 long rest.

Blighted Village

  • Gnome at the Windmill: Deal with his situation or he will disappear after an unknown number of long rests.


  • Poisoned Gnome: Give an antidote before saving Nere or starting Act 2 or she will die.
  • Save Nere: Rescue him immediately as the timer starts upon entering Grymforge. He and gnomes will die after 1 long rest, visiting camp, or leaving area twice.


  • Lae’zel at Mountain Pass: Find her immediately, or going to camp will kill her. She also seems to die if you just leave the area.
  • Gale Hungers for Magic Items: Give a magic item every 2 long rests or he will leave after refusing twice.

Laezel find companions in Baldurs Gate 3

Act 2 Time-Sensitive Quests

Shadow Cursed Lands

  • Get the Moonlantern from Spiderman: Fail and the enemy will vanish after an unknown period with the lantern.
  • Release the Pixie: Must be done by the end of Act 2 or the lantern vanishes in Act 3. Opening it helps a side quest.
  • Save Rolan: He will die if encountered but not helped against shadow thralls.

Moonrise Towers

  • Save the Prisoners: Free them before dealing with Nightsong at the end of Moonrise Towers temple.
  • Assault on Moonrise Towers: Jaheira can potentially die during this. Take care and don’t rest before joining her.


  • Halsin and the Shadow Portal: He can die if left alone on the beach after going through the portal, such as by taking a long rest.

Act 3 Time-Sensitive Quests

  • Stop the Presses: Another bad story gets published after 1 long rest.
  • Saving Your Companion: Infinite time until starting the tribunal, then 3 long rests before they die.
  • Avenge the Drowned: Must be done before the Iron Throne or quest giver dies.
  • Save Counselor Florrick: 5 long rests before execution upon entering Lower City.
  • Killing Mystic Carrion: He respawns at full HP after 1 long rest if not fully defeated.
  • Saving Duke Ravengard: Free all prisoners within 6 turns of entering the submarine, or it explodes.

This is all time-sensitive quests in BG3. To help you more with such choices and tips & tricks on this game do check our BG3 guides section.