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Enabling Better

We have a long history of working with Lufthansa Group companies and other industry leaders.

Our growing number of business clients benefit from our excellent airline industry knowledge, and we are constantly expanding on this offering with new cutting-edge services.

Our Friends in the Industry

Our skilled team of Customer Service Consultants assists Travel Agencies with all requests on behalf of Lufthansa’s sales offices. We provide support and assistance with bookings, fare information, ticketing, special service requests, and all other queries from Travel Agents.

When Numbers Count

We offer a Group Sales service which allows Lufthansa’s country markets to efficiently handle enquiries from Travel Agencies. Our Customer Service Consultants assist Travel Agents with group bookings and all related requests.

Star-Studded Benefits

We assist passengers with all requests for the Partner Plus Benefit programme, Star Alliance’s corporate bonus programme. This includes redeeming points for free flights or upgrades, resetting passwords and pins, and electronic ticketing.

Airport Backup

At Lufthansa InTouch we take emergencies in our stride, offering airport support in cases of emergency situations like flight irregularities. Whenever an airport faces extreme conditions such as extraordinary flight cancellations, it triggers a detailed and reliable process, which includes rebooking passengers.