Can You Exit Your Ship In Space In Starfield (Spacewalk)

How to float in space in Starfield? Let's explore the vastness of space with a simulated spacewalk using console commands.

The Starfield universe is filled with endless adventure and opportunity. One of the most exciting aspects of exploring the vastness of space is being able to leave your ship and go for a walk in weightlessness. While this feature isn’t included in the base game, there is a way to make it happen. You can experience the thrill of a space walk. We’ll show you how to leave your ship in Starfield and go on a spacewalk.

How to Float in Space in Starfield?

Starfield How To Leave Ship In Space (Spacewalk)

While exploring the vast frontier of space, you may be curious about what it would be like to venture outside their ship during travel. Utilizing some console commands on a PC makes it possible to simulate a spacewalk experience, despite this feature not being directly built into the game.

The process involves stopping player control of the ship and adjusting some parameters to withstand the vacuum of space.

  1. First, bring up the console with the tilde (~) key and enter “player.setpos x 10” to move your character away from the ship interior without clipping through walls.
  2. Then type “setgravityscale 0” to disable gravity scaling and allow free movement.
  3. You can now roam around your ship’s exterior to get different perspectives and angles. Remember to re-enable gravity with “setgravityscale 1” when you wish to return inside safely.

During the spacewalk, boost packs can be used to navigate and get a feel for floating in the zero-gravity environment.

While technically an unintended simulation rather than a true gameplay feature, experiencing the solitude and vastness of space from outside one’s ship provides a memorable roleplaying moment. With mods or future updates, Bethesda may expand on this concept and allow for more interactive possibilities, like repairing a damaged hull.

Until then, console commands provide Starfield players a unique way to imagine what life would be like aboard a spaceship in the solar systems.

That’s all for how to leave your ship in Starfield and go on a spacewalk. For more help on this game, you can also check our guides on what to loot, the best spacesuit tier list, and if you can transmog.