Best GameCube Emulators – 2023

Here's the list of best GameCube emulators for 2023.

While the GameCube was released in 2001, following the success of the N64, the timeless charm of games like Mario Kart Double Dash and Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker continues to captivate gamers even today. If you’re such an enthusiast who is longing to relive these classics on their modern device, we’ve compiled a list of the best GameCube emulators available for you to install and use right now

Disclaimer:- This guide is intended for educational purposes only. Although Emulators are completely legal, in order to use them, always dump the BIOS and game files from your own system. We at Gamer Tweak by no means support piracy in any form.

Top 4 Best GameCube Emulators

Below is the compilation of the best GameCube Emulators you can install right now

1. Dolphin Emulator


The Dolphin is arguably the best GameCube emulator available. It is compatible with almost all platforms including Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. The software is well-optimized and offers other compatibility and customization features. However, installation for iOS devices is a bit tricky and requires Altstore or manual installation methods to install it.

  • Platform Supported: Windows, Linux, iOS, Android

2. SuperGCube

Based on another old emulator GCube, the SuperGCube is effective and well-optimized in terms of speed and performance. It is free to download and use and often considered among the best in terms of the picture and graphics quality it brings to old GameCube games. However, SuperGCube hasn’t been updated since 2009, hence a few bugs you may encounter exist.

  • Platform Supported: Windows, Mac, Linux

3. OpenEmu

OpenEmu is a macOS-exclusive emulator that can support consoles like GameCube and other various consoles from Sony and Sega. The UI is one of the features as it gets a user-friendly approach to it. The emulator is well-optimized for GameCube games. OpenEMU uses Dolphin Emulator for its GameCube support, hence you can expect identical performance as to Dolphin.

  • Platform Supported: iOS


One 0f the best emulator out there for playing classic Gamecube games. It offers better graphics and audio quality like the OG console. Although it is best optimized for homebrew games, but not limited to them, and other titles work pretty well. Some downsides of this emulator are that occasionally the user may experience a few frame drops and the user interface is a bit difficult to navigate. Moreover, the emulator hasn’t been updated since October 2008, but it is still capable of running the old games seamlessly.

  • Platform Supported: Windows

That’s everything from our side on the list of best GameCube emulators to enjoy your favorite GameCube games. Check out our other such compilations like the best emulators for PS1 Games or the Top 5 best emulators for low-end PC.