Marvel’s Spider Man 2 Leaks & Rumors That Will Blow Your Mind

Marvel's Spiderman 2 Game is about to release and fans can't stop making Rumors and pass on some Leaks. We have come up with some of our own Theories that can potentially happen. Know more about it here.

Many are searching for Marvel’s Spider Man 2 leaks and rumors and being a hardcore fan of the franchise, I’ve collected some probable things that may happen, right here in this article. Marvel’s Spiderman 2 game has officially Gone Gold and is all set for a release on October 20th, 2023. Throughout the past few weeks, Insomniac has revealed several gameplay videos and pictures that have ruled out the possibility of various fan theories.

We have come up with 8 Marvel’s Spider Man 2 Game leaks and rumors, that will definitely blow your mind. Let us take a look at what Insomniac Studios can possibly offer the fans.

8 Biggest Marvel’s Spider Man 2 Game Rumors & Fan Theories

Before we move any further, please keep in mind that these are just theories that may or may not happen.

Spider Man 2 Game will Feature Mysterio

Marvel's Spiderman 2 Leaks

Recently, PlayStation posted a Marvel’s Spiderman 2 – Expanded Marvel’s New York video on YouTube. Wherein, Senior Creative Director Bryan is narrating the first look of the in-game map. In one spot, we can clearly see a mysterious green symbol in the sky. It’s possible that the mysterious symbol represents side activities related to Mysterio. This instance has strengthened my belief that he will make an appearance in Marvel’s Spiderman 2 game.

Venom will be a Playable Character in Spider Man 2

Marvel's Spiderman 2 Rumor

Do you remember the iconic Ultimate Spiderman Game from the year 2005? It was the first game that allowed us to explore Marvel’s Manhattan and Queens as Venom. Man, I still remember the mission where we had to save an unconscious Spidey and take on Electro at the same time. I along with several other fans have a strong feeling that we will be able to play as the Venom in the upcoming Webhead game too. In the Ultimate Spiderman game and Animated Series, we have seen Norman Osborn collecting the Symbiote to create a Cure. In the meanwhile, Venom is on the loose fending off everyone. If it has happened more than once, then why not again? I mean, it’s Insomniac’s sure-shot way to success.

Kraven’s just a Puppet

Marvel's Spiderman 2 Theory

In Comics, Kraven has been hired by rich clients to collect creatures & DNA several times. And most of the time, it was Norman Osborn who hired Kraven the Hunter. There’s a possibility we can see a temporary alliance between these 2 against either Venom or Spiderman. Why them? Maybe it’s Oscorp Industries from where Peter bonded with the Venom Symbiote. Norman wants the Symbiote back so that he can create a cure for Harry with the help of Curt Connors (Lizard). According to the post-credit scene of Spiderman Miles Morales, Harry seems to be very sick.

Lizard is After Norman

Spiderman 2 Game Lizard

As a continuation of the above Marvel’s Spiderman 2 rumor, I have come up with a theory of my own. While creating a cure for Harry, Norman may have treated Doctor Connors too harshly. And after getting transformed into Lizard, his inner persona may have remembered this ill treatment from Mr. Osborn. For the rest of the game, we can see Connor’s reptilian alter ego chase Norman, who is Something of a Scientist himself.

Harry vs Peter

Harry vs Peter

I have watched the recent Marvel’s Spiderman 2 early gameplay videos over and over again. And it’s for sure that Harry knows that Peter is Spiderman. I think Junior Osborn wants Spiderman’s (Peter) Blood so that he can heal himself of his terminal disease. But Peter will refuse to give his blood because he’s afraid that his friend may get terribly mutated. Unable to understand the situation here, we can see Harry + Venom taking out Peter Parker.

Miles vs Peter in Marvel’s Spider Man 2

Miles vs Peter rumors spider man 2 game

We know that at some point in the game, we will see Peter Parker get rid of the Venom Symbiote. For that to happen, either Peter needs to be morally strong (like Tobey Maguire), or else someone will have to step up against him. And if need a worthy contender, then why not Miles? Venom is vulnerable to electricity and Mile’s signature abilities are all about it. Doing so will also be beneficial for the character development of Mile’s version of Spiderman. Moreover, it’s all about Spider-verse and Beyond nowadays, so it makes complete sense to me.

Absolute Carnage

Marvel's Spiderman 2 Rumor

Speaking of Spiderverse, how can we forget about the Venomverse that runs parallel to each other? I don’t know if I’m keeping my expectations too high for this. But I think that Insomniac will eventually create a plot where we will see Peter’s Spiderman, Venom, and Carnage square off against each other. This has happened before in the Ultimate Spiderman game as well. Since it’s not possible in the upcoming Marvel’s Spiderman 2, we can speculate it to happen in another potential sequel of the franchise.

Connection with Marvel’s Wolverine Game

Marvel's Wolverine Game

After Spiderman, Insomniac is ready to treat us with its version of Wolverine. Taking lessons from the success of MCU, they’ll try to relate these two subsequent games. And for that, there’s no better way to introduce Logan (Wolverine) in the post-credits of Marvel’s Spiderman 2 game. Wolverine has had issues with Venom in the past too. Well, it won’t be fair if I don’t mention the Venom vs Logan Bar Fight from the Ultimate Spiderman game. To make things even more dangerously delightful, Insomniac can introduce us to the Symbiote Wolverine too. Recalling this from Spiderman Web of Shadows where I witnessed this first in animation. Gosh, this sounds more like a wish.

There are many other Marvel’s Spider Man 2 leaks and rumors on the internet. Many of them have taken inspiration from previous Spiderman Movies and Games. But since they are just personal opinions and thoughts, we should not completely rely our hopes on them.

There are only a couple of days left before we can witness the iconic duo of Peter and Miles again. And then, we all will Be Greater. Together. In case you haven’t watched a sneak peek of Marvel’s Expanded version of New York in this game yet, then check out this video:

I hope you enjoyed reading the above Marvel’s Spider Man 2 leaks, rumors, and theories. Be sure to stay connected, as we will be covering everything related to this game here. Until then, you can check out our other Feature Articles for more such entertaining content.