Paper Mario PC Port Possible Due To A Full Decomp

With the full decompilation project complete, the Paper Mario PC Port and modding is finally possible.

Since the Nintendo 64 Paper Mario has been fully decompiled, it opens a great scope to create PC Ports and mods. These ports won’t be infringing with any Nintendo copyrights as the coder successfully reverse-engineered the code. Unlike cracking the entire game and recreating its code, Ethan Roseman, the coder recreated the entire source code from scratch. This has opened a great deal of possibilities for players who love Nintendo games but own a PC.

Paper Mario PC Port & Mods Finally Possible

paper mario pc port decomp

After the full decomp, the coder, Ethan Roseman confirmed on X, “I’m extremely happy to announce that after 3+ years of working on a decompilation project for Paper Mario, we have reached 100% completion for the US version of the game. Every compiled function has been matched!”. Along with this tweet, he has shared the entire Paper Mario decomp project on GitHub allowing players to download it for free.

He also added, “There’s a lot more to do on this project, including documentation, other version support, more asset support, etc. But this is a huge achievement that wouldn’t be possible without the insane work from so many talented people. Congrats to everyone!” With the US version of the Paper Mario fully complete, he also shared the decomp retrospective and an announcement video.

Such decomp projects are completely legal as they don’t copy or use any copyrighted assets. These include textures, music, or any visual assets in the game. Rather than copying its source code, the team recreated it from scratch. But players would need to get a legally sourced Nintendo 64 ROM to create any version of the ports from the decompile. It will require players to extract these assets and recreate the code for a PC or Switch port.

Over the years, plenty of N64 decompilation projects have been carried down so far. These include Bomberman 64, Banjo Kazooie, Mario Kart 64, Pokemon Snap, and many more projects. Speaking of some recent decomps, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was released online after its full decompile was complete.

Likewise, the Paper Mario decomp is a great way for the community to preserve masterpieces. So, we will have to wait and see until someone ports this classic game into PC or Switch.

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