How To Open Emergency Cuttable Walls In Starfield

You can unlock hidden areas by cutting through Emergency Cuttable Walls in Starfield, here's how.

While exploring the abandoned space stations and science facilities dotting the Starfield universe, you’ll encounter some large security doors that initially seem impassable. However, you can access the hidden areas with some know-how. We’ll explain how to open Emergency Cuttable Walls in Starfield.

Emergency Cuttable Walls in Starfield Explained

How To Open Emergency Cuttable Walls In Starfield

During exploration, you’ll encounter Emergency Cuttable Walls blocking passages. These walls will have an arrow pointing to the words “Cut Pins” and four orange pins on each edge. In order to remove these walls, you need to use a tool called the Cutter.

The Cutter is given to you by Lin at the start of the main quest, but you can also purchase additional Cutters from merchants under the Weapons section of their inventory if needed. Always keep a Cutter equipped, as a spare one is not always placed near cuttable walls.

To cut through the wall, aim the Cutter’s laser beam at each of the four pins for about one second each. The laser will burn through the pins, and the wall will drop. Once all pins have been cut, the wall will fall, so you won’t need to worry about unlocking doors – it will just disappear.

If you’ve shot all pins but the wall hasn’t fallen, return to each pin to ensure you successfully cut through. Failing to cut a pin fully will prevent the wall from opening.

What You Can Find Behind Emergency Cuttable Walls

Deeper within the abandoned facility or derelict spaceship, you may find a wall. Upon inspecting it, the option to cut through appears. One possibility is that cutting through an Emergency Cuttable Wall could lead to a secret room containing valuable loot.

That’s all for the Emergency Cuttable Walls in Starfield. For more help on this game, you can also check our guides on what to loot, the best spacesuit tier list, and if you can transmog.