Can You Save Alfira As The Dark Urge In BG3?

We'll show you how to save Alfira as The Dark Urge in BG3 with non-lethal damage.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, playing as the Dark Urge can be challenging, as it forces you to grapple with a strong desire for violence that can lead to murdering innocent NPCs. One such character whose life is at risk is Alfira, a kind Tiefling Bard. If you meet her in the Emerald Grove, she may ask to join your party on your travels. Read on to learn how to save Alfira as The Dark Urge in BG3.

How to Save Alfira As The Dark Urge in BG3

Can You Save Alfira As The Dark Urge In BG3?

Alfira’s fate seems sealed once she arrives at your camp, asking to join your party. But there is a way to prevent her tragic death and save her from succumbing to the Dark Urge.

You’ll find her isolated near some tents when you first meet Alfira at the Druid Grove. At this point, you can knock her unconscious without initiating combat. Make sure to turn on the Non-Lethal Damage in the options menu first. Then hit Alfira with a few melee weapon attacks until her health drops to 1 hit point remaining.

By knocking her out instead of fighting or letting her join you, Alfira will not go to your camp later. Instead, the druid Quil Grootslang will show up seeking refuge. She will take place if you let a party member die to the Dark Urge.

What to Do with Alfira?

Letting Alfira join your party or send her away from the grove will ultimately lead to her death, no matter what choices you make later. Only by knocking her unconscious early on can you circumvent her tragic fate.

Saving Alfira spares her from a grim end and allows her character potential to develop further in future acts. For those who want Alfira’s story to continue, taking her out of the fight is the only solution.

That’s it for how to save Alfira as The Dark Urge in BG3. Be sure to check out our BG3 section for more help on other topics of this game.