Best Picrew Links 2023 – Solo OC & Couple

If you are looking for a character maker to make an OC for your online persona, these are some cool options to choose from.

As you know, Picrew is a character maker that can create an OC cartoon version of yourself or a couple, use the dress-up features, and then, you can use that avatar on Roblox, Discord, Twitter, Steam, or anywhere else as a profile picture (pfp). With the amount of customization it offers, you will have a lot of options to create a character that looks like you do in real life. That is where this list of the best Picrew links will come in handy.

In case you don’t want to use a picture of yourself online, and want to maintain anonymity while also showing off your unique features, use these Picrew links for Roblox, Steam, or Discord. This list includes Picrews for solo OCs, girls, guys, romantic couples, or anyone, really! All credit to the owners for the character creator (mentioned under the images below).

Best Picrew Character Maker Links

These pictures are available in various art styles including Japanese anime style, goth, cute, grunge, aesthetic, pink, rock, and much more. Some of them have nice backgrounds too. Go through all the options and take your pick!

Cute Anime Character with Hand Pose Options

cute anime girl dress up picrew links
This image was created with Picrew’s “よっこら少年少女“

Although the entirety of the customization section is in Japanese, it should not be an issue for those who don’t read the language, because the images are pretty clear. With various hand poses, pointy ear options, hairstyles, face and outfit customizations, you can change things up as per your liking and finalize your cute pfp.

Pastel Aesthetic Picrew Character Maker

pastel pink anime pfp oc maker
This image was created with Picrew’s “OkitaFuji式女の子メーカー“

With this image, you can have a character softly looking at the camera, with a pink/pastel and dewy aesthetic. While the options aren’t too many, if this is the style you are looking for, you may like this one.

Anime Art Style OC Maker

anime art character maker picrew
This image was created with Picrew’s “キラキラ鱈メーカー3“

Personally, I really like the colors used in this Picrew character maker. If you are looking for an OC with an art style that has muted colors but still stands out in cuteness, this is for you. It also has lots of customizable options, including some very interesting choices for hands!

Rock Style PFP OC Maker

rock grunge style picrew oc maker
This image was created with Picrew’s “Nuggts character maker!

This is one of the best Picrew character makers because of how inclusive it is. The art style is very unique too, so your profile picture is bound to stand out on Roblox, Discord, or Twitter.

Full Body Picrew Link of OC Maker

full body cartoon oc maker
This image was created with Picrew’s “Pitiiz · cute maker“

While most OC makers have the face as a close-up, this one features a whole body. You can customize everything as per your liking like your hairstyle, get some wings, hold a Nintendo Switch, have a cat next to you, and more.

Good Picrew Couple Links

Couple OC maker

couple picrew links
This image was created with Picrew’s “なさや式CPメーカー“

This is one the best Picrew links (couple OC maker) because of the sheer amount of customization options it offers. You can have a normal couple selfie or go straight into vampire mode. Make changes as per your choices and you will have lots of awesome variations from this character maker.

Here’s a variant that popped up after using the randomizer tool:

couple oc maker pfp picrew

Picrew Couple OC Maker

picrew couple maker link
This image was created with Picrew’s “多分なかよし“

For those who are looking for a different art style, this character maker is a good option, especially because it’s totally inclusive too. Since the pose isn’t too ‘coupley’, even friends can use this as an avatar.

Simple and Cute Art Style

good couple picrews
This image was created with Picrew’s “서랑해!“

With cute pink outlines, and pastel colors, this Picrew link is ideal for those who are not looking for too much detail, and realism but just a quirky representation of their real-life selves. Some of the color combinations are very cute and eye-catching if you are planning to use them on social media as icons.

These were some of the best Picrew links that you can use as a character creator and make your own OC icon for Roblox, Steam, Discord, or any other online platform. We will continue adding more cool finds over here, so be sure to check back often for new creative options to pick from.