Best Julie Build In Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game

Wander across the map without getting detected with this Best Julie Build in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

With the Best Build equipped, Julie can remain undetected in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Even characters like Cook or Johnny who are better at tracking won’t be able to find you. Although she can easily stealth around the map, having the Best Attributes, Perks, and Ability Modifiers will make her like the wind. And to help you through this, here’s the Best Build for Julie.

Best Build for Julie in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Here’s the Best Build for Julie in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game:

Best Perks for Julie in TCSM

Check out below to know the Best Perk options for Julie in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre:

  • Fuse Lights
    • When the fuse box is turned on or off, all Family members and the fuse box are highlighted for 10, 20, or 30 seconds (depending on the Perk Level)
  • Jump Scare
    • Triggering bone charms and chickens increases your sprint speed by 10% for 4, 8, or 8 seconds (depending on the Perk level)
  • Radar Detector
    • While Grandpa’s Sonar ability is activated, all Family members are highlighted for 5 seconds. Has 3, 5, or 7 charges (depending on the Perk level)

Best Julie Build In Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game

You don’t have to Fight back as a Victim all the time, sometimes using a little stealth is more beneficial. That’s the reason why we have added the above Perks in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game’s best Juile Build. Not only you will know the locations of the entire Family for a while, but will also have an increased sprint speed.

Best Ability Modifiers

Best Julie Build In Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game

To strengthen Julie’s Ultimate Escape even more, you can use the following Modifiers:

  • Quicker Recharge Rate(Level 1)
    • Reduces the ability recharge time to 110 seconds
  • Decreased Sprint Stamina (Level 2)
    • Running stamina consumption is reduced by 75% while ability is active
  • Increase Duration (Level 3)
    • The ability lasts for 20 seconds

Best Attributes for Julie

To get the best out of Julie, you must distribute the Attributes as follows:

  • Toughness: 25
  • Endurance: 50
  • Strength: 15
  • Proficiency: 20
  • Stealth: 41

To survive, your best bet is to depend on the speed and stealth. This becomes more important if you are playing as Julie, who has expertise in stealth. That’s why, we have focused on bolstering Endurance and Stealth in our Texas Chainsaw Massacre Build for Julie. It is okay to not focus much on other attributes as fighting against the Family members will only result in slaughtering.

Also, thanks to BloodThirstyLord for creating this stealthy Julie Build in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. You can check out the following video to learn how this Build will help you:

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Now that you have the Best Build for Julie in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, ensure to make the most out of it. Moreover, if you are looking forward to playing as a Victim, then you should take a look at our Connie Build. For more such informative guides, you can check out our other Texas Chain Saw Massacre Guides on Gamer Tweak.