How To Find Kota In My Hero Ultra Rumble (Locations)

Here's how to find Kota in My Hero Ultra Rumble and rescue him to get plenty of amazing rewards for your team.

If you want to know how to find Kota in My Hero Ultra Rumble, you might be eying the quirk upgrades and rewards for your team. The fans will instantly recognize Kota Izumi from the hit anime series, My Hero Academia. Although you can find other non-playable civilians for quirk upgrades, Kota can reward up to three Team Enhancement kits at once. You can use these rewards to increase the quirk skills of your entire team. But as players wander across the map, they are unable to find Kota anywhere. Don’t worry, check out our guide to find out the best spawn locations of Kota in MHUR.

How to Find Kota in My Hero Ultra Rumble

How to Find Kota in My Hero Ultra Rumble
Image Source – GlideGaming Network on YouTube.

There are many locations where you can find Kota in My Hero Ultra Rumble. However, the best spawn location to find Kota is between the Landslide and Mountain zones. You can mainly find him hidden inside the bushes waiting for a rescue. We recommend dashing across the bushes to find him quickly. As soon as his location is close to your proximity, it will be indicated in-game. So, ensure to press the Help button to rescue him. Or else, you can miss out on his rewards if you don’t rescue him.

Some players in the community also found Kota close to the Typhoon and Aquatic Zones. So, make sure to scan the corners and the back of the buildings around these zones. However since the spawn locations of Kota may vary, it is best to explore the entire map thoroughly. We recommend picking up the dropped rewards before the timer runs out.

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