Cyberpunk 2077 Dream On Best Choice: What To Tell Jefferson?

If you want to make the best choice for Dream On mission in Cyberpunk 2077, it’s valid as these decisions may pan out a different gameplay. Although some choices don’t affect your storyline, they might hinder your suited playstyle. The Dream On is a side mission that revolves around Jefferson and Elizabeth, his wife, who are looking for a hidden room within their house. You can progress this side mission after you have completed I Fought the Law and received a call from Jefferson Peralez. But as you complete this mission, you might be confused if you should tell Jefferson the truth or lie to him at the end. Don’t worry, here’s where you can find out the best choice in the Dream On mission along with all consequences or outcomes.

What is the Best Choice in Cyberpunk 2077 Dream On Mission?

cyberpunk 2077 dream on best choice jefferson peralez

There are no lasting outcomes or consequences for choosing either choice for Dream On in CP 2077. It doesn’t matter if you lie to Jefferson or tell him the truth. Instead, it’s closely related to your suited playstyle with V. However, the character dialogues may change depending on the choice you make between these both.

So, here are the two choices while talking to Jefferson at the end of Cyberpunk 2077 Dream On mission:

  • You’re being brainwashed (Telling the truth to Jefferson)
  • Don’t have much to add (Lying to Jefferson following Elizabeth’s words)

If you decide to tell Peralez the truth in Cyberpunk 2077 Dream On mission, he will be shocked and agitated by Elizabeth’s lie. While he will play along with his manipulator’s plans, he will be waiting for an opportunity to expose them. This would put Jefferson and his family at risk of life for exposure. But on the other hand, if V tells Jefferson there is no news and SSI has been receiving money from Weldon Holt, he will get on with winning elections, first. But further adding, he will deal with Holt once he has won.

Since both the choices over here concern Jefferson, it doesn’t matter what choice you make. If you ask me, Ignorance is bliss. If lying to Jefferson in Cyberpunk 2077 Dream on mission, saves his life, then so be it. But in the end, it all depends on your suited playstyle, desired outcome, and experience. So, we leave the rest of the decision to you.

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