CS2 Beginner’s Guide: Best Tips For New Players

Want to improve your gameplay in CS2? Check out our Counter Strike 2's beginner guide including the best tips for new players to help them out during matches.

If you are looking for the CS2 Beginner’s Guide, you might be eying the best tips to master the Counter-Strike 2 matches. Be it a new player or a returning CSGO veteran, let us assure you there is no easy hack to these matches. With such tough competition, it all comes down to putting in endless hours of grind. However, this guide can help you speed up becoming a pro player and enhance your gameplay to the next level. So, check out our guide to find out the best ways to improve your gameplay in CS2.

CS2 Beginner’s Guide

Here are the best CS2 tips for beginners or new players that can help you out during matches:

Prioritize your Weapons

With a plethora of weapons, there are many types of guns. But as you start, there are only selective guns that may suit your playstyle. In my case, I started using the AUG as a beginner and concluded that it was the best weapon but I was dead wrong. Although it’s a pretty decent weapon, there are many weapons with a higher damage output. Nevertheless, we suggest equipping the weapon you are getting the most kills from. Keep a check if you have the required economy to make the purchase. If not, you can pick up a drop from an enemy or ask your teammates to drop the particular weapon. For the players confused about picking a weapon, check out our best weapons tier list in CS2 for more insight.

Learn Weapon Recoil and Spray Patterns

CS2 Beginner's Guide Best Tips Improve Gameplay

As every weapon has a different recoil, you must analyze their spray patterns. This can be a bit over the top for new CS2 players. Luckily, you can see the bullets from your weapon visibly clear by enabling the Follow Recoil option. For OP weapons like AK-47 and M4A4 or M4A1-S, we learning the spray patterns to land hits easily.

Switch to Knife for Faster Movements

Quite obviously, your primary and secondary weapons weigh more than the Knife. So, it’s better to switch to a knife rather than a gun in your hand. This would help you move faster from different bomb sites or hostage areas. But be sure when to switch back to the main weapons as you do.

Check-in with your Ammo

CS2 Beginner's Guide Best Tips Improve Gameplay

It’s hell for the CS players when they switch to a primary or secondary weapon and their ammo is out. It’s even worse when you are reloading in front of your enemy as it’s an easy frag for them. To avoid such hellish experiences, ensure to reload at a safe place whenever you are low on ammo. Although you may end up dead, at least you won’t die reloading your weapon.

Know When to Peek

While peeking, it is recommended to peek quickly and briefly to locate your enemies. In locations such as Long Doors (Dust 2), peeking can land you in some serious trouble. As your opponent might be expecting you to peek from the same spot, it’s advisable to not peek for long.

Be Stealthy when Necessary

When moving across different maps, you should know which position suits you the best. The more unpredictable place you are positioned, the more your enemies will be confused to locate you. It’s also recommended to follow a trigger discipline or else you may end up dead. Try not to attract your enemies due to pointlessly firing from a location.

Learn Call Outs and Line-ups

Become a better team player and keep your comms in check by learning the callouts in CS2. These are typically the jargon or nicknames of the players in the community. All the Bomb Defusal types of maps have two bombsites which are simply called A and B. Mostly, all these maps also have a “Middle” area called Mid. There are plenty of other callouts of Dust 2, Mirage, Inferno, and other maps, as well. To learn more callouts, you should invest more time in the game. Trust me, it’s more practical knowledge than theory.

Turn up the Volume to Max

Although Volume is a personal preference, you may want to increase your sound to hear the footsteps better in CS2. Once you start listening to them, you can track your enemy locations. Be it someone close to you or approaching you, maximum sound can help you trace them efficiently. We recommend using the headphones for the best experience to hear your enemies clearer.

Practice More & Learn Smoke Spots

With the inclusion of Grenade Camera in CS2, you can learn the best smoke spots by practicing among your friends. You can blind and confuse your enemies by covering areas like Mid to guess your team’s position. You can also use these smokes to block the entries of the bomb sites. But before you do so, learn how to use these utilities. To do so, you can practice matches in private lobbies to learn the smoke lineups and spots with your friends.

Watch out Team’s Economy

CS2 Beginner's Guide Best Tips Improve Gameplay

The essential step of being an awesome team player is keeping an eye on your team’s economy. If you start a round with all the utilities purchased and end up dead, it will be a waste of the economy. So, ensure to buy the same things as your other teammates. When your team is on a losing streak and low on cash, your team can go for an “Eco” mode until you start winning.

Aim Above the Chest

When aiming your reticle, ensure to keep the crosshair slightly above the middle. If you always have your crosshair placed down, it may take a second to position it right. But if you are aware of your reticle placement, this can skyrocket your chances of getting more headshots and kills. You can also check out our list of the best crosshair codes and Pro player settings in CS2.

Master AWP in Time

Since the AWP Sniper rifle has the highest damage output in CS2, don’t miss out on using this weapon. You can instantly kill enemies with single hits if you master this sniper rifle. Its zoom offers massive range and the advantage of having an edge over your opponents. While the AWP is easy to use, it can be hard to master the weapon. For that, we suggest playing custom workshop maps in Counter-Strike 2 with your friends. Once you master AWP, there is no going back to snipers like AUG, Scout, or SG 553.

Don’t Play with Bots

Lastly, we recommend not playing with the bots for practice. Instead, play a Ranked or Premier mode match to improve your gameplay in CS2. This would offer you insight into the caliber of the players you will face in real time. Rather than killing bots in a practice match, we suggest playing the Wingman mode to hone your overall skills and aiming. As these matches are particularly short, they can help you learn and analyze plenty of factors. But if you prefer Casual matches, get the Prime Status to avoid cheaters or hackers from lurking on your servers.

Prefire & Trust Your Instincts

Once you get a hang of all the essential maps, it’s wise to try pre-firing suspicious enemies. As some players are campers or hide around the corners, you can pre-fire at such spots for a kill. But while doing so, be aware of the trigger-disciple or your enemy’s teammates may kill you.

That’s all about the CS2 Beginner’s Guide for new players. If you found this guide helpful, check out our guides to find out how to inspect skins, how to fix the Lag and stuttering, and explore more Counter Strike-2 Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.