Where To Find Red Devils HQ In Starfield (Location)

Wondering how to find the Red Devil HQ in Starfield's Delivering Devils quest on Mars? Let's have a look.

The Red Devils HQ is a pivotal location in the Delivering Devils faction quest, where you search for the missing scientist Percival. Located in an Abandoned Mines close to Cydonia on Mars, the Red Devils HQ serves as the stronghold for the outlaw gang known as the Spacers. We’ll explain where to find Red Devils HQ in Starfield.

Red Devils HQ Location in Starfield

Where To Find Red Devils HQ In Starfield (Location)

To progress the Delivering Devils and find the missing scientist, Percival, you’ll need to uncover the secret location of the Red Devils HQ. It is hidden deep within the Abandoned Mines west of Cydonia on Mars.

If you’ve already helped Cambridge Cooper with clearing out the mines before, you can fast-travel back to the entrance you used previously. Take the elevator down and exit the lab. Turn right and follow the large main tunnel. Keep going straight until you reach a darker, narrow tunnel branching off.

This is where the Red Devils have established their underground base. Head down the darker tunnel, and you’ll come upon some stone steps. At the top, you will find Percival waiting to speak with you. Ensure you share all information about the missing sample and Terrormorph encounters.

Percival will invite you into his hidden lab inside the Red Devils HQ. Inside, mention to him that Hadrian from the Sixth Circle sent you the sample. Percival will be eager to return to Cydonia to confer with Hadrian about the findings.

Escort Percival safely above ground and to the Sixth Circle headquarters in Cydonia to complete this quest step. Bringing him back allows for important dialogue to progress the story further.

Now you’ve uncovered the secret location of the elusive Red Devils HQ. Since you are interested in this game also check these guides!