How Heart Meter Works In Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game (Bleedout System)

Wondering what purpose the Heart icon serves and how the Bleedout system works in TCSM, then here's all you need to know about it.

If you’re not sure what the Heart in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game is for and how the Bleedout works, then we’ll tell you all about it. Playing as a Victim is not at all easy, there are tons of things challenging your survival. From the very beginning of the match, you are tied to a weird place in a deteriorating condition. The condition of the character keeps getting worse as the color of the heart located beside the health & stamina bar changes. This makes the player wonder, why are they losing health and how they can stop it. If you are also bothered by the Heart meter and the Bleedout condition in TCSM then, allow us to put your mind at ease.

What is the Heart in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game For (Bleedout System)

What is the Heart Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game For (Bleedout System) chain saw tcsm heal from bleedout
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In the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game, the Bleedout system is based on the Heart meter. So as you keep progressing in the match, the Heart meter will start depleting and keep turning yellow. The more yellow it gets, the faster health you’ll lose. After the heart is half empty, it’ll simply turn gray which will decrease your HP even faster. And if you don’t do anything about it, the Victim will collapse and get into a recovery stage. The recovery can usually take 9-10 seconds, and after that, the character will get back up with 40% Health. But that will not change the color of the Heart meter, which means, the victim will still bleed at a faster rate.

how to recover and stop Bleedout Work In Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game (Heart) chain saw TCSM
Source Image: trolling prophet P100 Nurse

Players must note, that they can only recover from Incapacitation once. After that, if they collapse again, then they’ll simply be eliminated from the match automatically. So to avoid such situations, we would recommend you to stack up on healings as much as you can. Because that’s how you can stabilize the rapidly decreasing health. On the other hand, there are no ways to stop the Heart Meter from depleting and it seems quite inevitable. So make sure you go after healing as soon as you spawn in the game and strategize accordingly.

That covers all about how Bleedout works and what is the Heart meter for in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game (TCSM). If you’re dicey about which Victim you should choose, then check out this Victims Tier List. Also, take a look at some of the best TCSM Victims Tips to improve your gameplay.