Are Kang And He Who Remains The Same Person (MCU)?

If you haven’t followed the complete MCU watch order, it might seem that Kang the Conqueror and He Who Remains are the same person. Being played by Jonathan Majors, Kang has appeared in Antman 3 and Loki season 1 finale as two variants which may fuel the confusion. That being said, both these variants have met their demise and an early end. But as He who Remains says during the Loki S01 finale to Sylvie, I’ll see you soon. With the emergence of Multiverse and his death, endless variants of Kang the Conqueror are ready for a war in the MCU.

So, are these two Kang variants connected in any way? Is He Who Remains the same as Kang the Conqueror? Here’s where you can find out if Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania’s Kang is the same as Loki’s He Who Remains.

Disclaimer: There are heavy spoilers related to Loki Season 1 and Antman 3. So, if you mind such spoilers, now is the best time to head back, and check once you’re all caught up.

Is He Who Remains Kang the Conqueror?

are kang and he who remains the same person
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No. Let me cut straight to the chase, He who Remains and Antman 3’s Kang the Conqueror are not the same. Both these characters are different individual variants of the same character. Debuting his first appearance in MCU during Loki Season 1, He Who Remains is a variant of Nathaniel Richards aka Kang. While we are about to meet more versions of him across MCU’s upcoming phases or Loki season 2, he was implied to be the least evil out of them all. Maintaining the Sacred Timeline, he contained his alter-variants by harnessing the power of Alioth.

Since different realities started branching out after his death, he’s the indirect cause of Multiverse. Thus, unleashing his infinite versions and Kang the Conqueror, an eviler variant as seen in Antman 3. He was exiled to the Quantum Realm by the Council of Kangs as he was set to erase them from other realities. But once Kang meets Janet Van Dyne, he gets on with his Multiverse dominance plans and repairs his machine to traverse through. With both the characters stranded in the Quantum Realm, Janet helps him repair the Multiverse-travelling ship until she realizes his true intentions to conquer the Multiverse. As a result, she steals the ship’s Energy Core to entrap him over there.

Kang the Conqueror vs He Who Remains – Who’s More Powerful?

are kang and he who remains the same person

Despite Kang’s hatred and sheer power, Loki season 1’s finale proved that He Who Remains managed to outsmart every Kang version. He ended the Multiversal War while creating the Sacred Timeline and preventing more of his variants through TVA.

However, as seen from Antman 3, Kang cannot be underestimated either. He can control matter at the flick of his fingers by using the neuro-kinetic Armor. This also allowed him to create massive shockwaves, fire beams, superhuman endurance, and more amazing powers. But considering Kang the Conqueror couldn’t overpower the Council of Kangs aka the Kang Dynasty, it seems he might not be as powerful as He Who Remains. We’re ready to take this back if he somehow survived the events of Antman 3 as feared by Scott Lang.

Keeping these two variants aside, we’ve got bigger things at hand with Antman 3’s end credits scene. With thousands of different variants, the Council of Kangs seems to be a much larger problem than both combined. While both the variants weren’t any good, they wanted to save Multiverse. Scott is haunted by the fact, that something bad is coming, and as warned by Kang, everyone will die if he’s not out. Since the Council imprisoned him for trying to kill them all, he might be the only way to deal with them.

But is he any better? Hell no. If the events of the Avengers: Kang Dynasty do revive the Conqueror to deal with the Council, we’re back to square one, again.

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