How To Get All Titles In Blox Fruits

There are about 171 Titles in Blox Fruits that players can currently obtain and this guide will help you get them all. Although players will have to travel to the Second and Third Sea in order to earn titles, they certainly hold value to the ones earning them. Each title has its own requirements and even if you fulfill them in the First Sea, you won’t earn the title. If you are looking to earn certain particular titles like the Empty Vessel Title, Pirate King Title, Ultra Instinct Title, Emperor of the Sea Title, and more, this guide will help you on the necessary requirements so you would know what to do.

How to Earn all Titles in Blox Fruits

How to Earn all Titles in Blox Fruits
TitleHow To Get Titles in Blox Fruits
The UnleashedUnlock Human V2.
Unmatched SpeedUnlock Rabbit V2.
Sea MonsterUnlock Shark V2.
Sacred WarriorUnlock Angel V2.
The GhoulUnlock Ghoul V2.
The CyborgUnlock Cyborg V2.
Full PowerUnlock Human V3.
GodspeedUnlock Rabbit V3.
Warrior of the SeaUnlock Shark V3.
Perfect BeingUnlock Angel V3.
Hell HoundUnlock Ghoul V3.
War MachineUnlock Cyborg V3.
BerserkerUnlock Human V4.
ThunderboltUnlock Rabbit V4.
LeviathanUnlock Shark V4.
His MajestyUnlock Angel V4.
NightwalkerUnlock Ghoul V4.
GenesisUnlock Cyborg V4.
Bounty HunterReach 5M+ bounty or honor.
Pirate HunterReach 5M+ bounty or honor.
Warlord of the SeaReach 10M+ bounty.
Emperor of the SeaReach 20M+ bounty. (1)
Empress of the SeaReach 20M+ bounty. (2)
AdmiralReach 10M+ honor.
Fleet AdmiralReach 20M+ honor.
Enlightened OneUnlock any awakening.
Awakened OneUnlock any awakening.
Over HeavenUnlock any awakening.
Over HellUnlock any awakening.
Flame FistUnlock Flame awakening.
The Ice QueenUnlock Ice awakening.
The Ice KingUnlock Ice awakening.
The Strongest OneUnlock Quake Awakening.
The First LightUnlock Light awakening.
Dark LordUnlock Dark awakening.
The SpiderUnlock Spider awakening.
Thunder GodUnlock Rumble awakening.
The Red DogUnlock Magma awakening.
Colossal GodUnlock Buddha awakening.
Desert PrinceUnlock Sand awakening.
The PhoenixUnlock Phoenix awakening.
Bread ChaserUnlock Dough awakening.
InnovatorVote at Roblox Innovation Awards 2023
Wen Lord ToadComplete the April Fools 2023 event. (No longer obtainable)
Pygglor, Devourer of WorldsComplete the April Fools 2023 event. (No longer obtainable)
Big NewsRedeem a Twitter code. (BIGNEWS)
YoutuberBe a Blox Fruits youtuber in good standing.
Ace SquadDefeat the Youtuber TheGreatAce.
Officially a NoobDefeat the Youtuber OfficialNoobie (ooficialnoobie).
Water GangDefeat the Youtuber Daigrock.
Don Axiore FamiliaDefeat the Youtuber Axiore.
Mafia GangDefeat the Youtuber Bluxxy Gaming.
Heorua FamilyDefeat the Youtuber Heorua.
Magic SlayerDefeat the Youtuber Magicbus.
Kitt KattDefeat the Youtuber Kitt Gaming.
Team JCDefeat The Youtuber JCWK.
El Combo GodDefeat the Youtuber fer999.
Nakama ForeverDefeat the Youtuber MeEnyu.
Endless FantasyDefeat the Youtuber Rajo_END.
El Krazy EditorDefeat the content editor Zioles.
rip_familyJoin the Roblox group ‘rip_family’ and receive a higher role.
red_legionJoin the Roblox group ‘red_legion’ and receive a higher role.
Justice SeekerClaim a bounty as a marine.
Empty VesselRun out of energy.
The UnluckyDie to a regular enemy.
The VanquishedDie to a boss.
Fallen HeroDie to a raid boss.
Iron ManReach max Aura.
Ultra InstinctReach max Instinct.
Mad ScientistBuy a regular Microchip.
The ProfessorBuy a special Microchip.
The ShadowStay in a server for more than 1 hour.
The VampireStay in a server for more than 4 hours.
DraculaStay in a server for more than 12 hours.
The GrandfatherTrade Fragments for a Race Reroll.
Jack of All TradesTrade Fragments for a Stats Refund.
The Undefeated OneReceive damage from a player and survive with less than 50 HP left.
Immortal BeingReceive damage from a player and survive with 1 HP left.
The Mad KingUse castling in a chess match (sort of broken due to chess itself being broken).
The MastermindDefeat your opponent in the chess game.
The DogTalk to the doghouse.
Ship DestroyerDestroy a ship with a cannon.
The ExplorerReach Level 800.
The AdventurerReach Level 1,000.
The MercenaryReach Level 1,200.
The VikingReach Level 1,600.
The PioneerReach Level 2,000.
The GloriousReach Level 2,400.
The MasterReach max mastery on any weapon (Sword or Gun or Fighting Style).
Unbreakable WillReach max mastery on any weapon (Sword or Gun or Fighting Style).
Fist of DeathReach max mastery on a Fighting Style.
God BladeReach max mastery on a Sword.
King SniperReach max mastery on a Gun.
Beyond the SeaReach max mastery on a Blox Fruit.
Broken HeartRun out of time in a raid.
The ConquerorComplete a raid.
Last HopeBe the last person standing and win a raid.
The SupersonicComplete a raid in less than 5:00 minutes.
The FlashComplete a raid in less than 3:30 minutes.
The ChampionComplete Bartilo’s mission.
Tide WarriorDie to Water.
The ToxicWin a fruit from a factory event.
Blessed OneFind a fruit.
Equal to the HeavensDefeat a Blox Fruits staff member.
The RichObtain  5M+.
Unlimited MoneyObtain  20M+.
The Richest in the WorldObtain  50M+.
The CollectorBuy something from the Legendary Sword Dealer or Master of Auras.
The SwordsmanObtain a sword from the Legendary Sword Dealer.
Beast HunterDefeat a Sea Beast.
The BeastDefeat 25 Sea Beasts.
The Lost SoulDie to factory poison.
Forbidden OneFind the Fist of Darkness in a chest.
The TrollDie with a fruit in your inventory.
Hidden PowerEat a physical fruit.
Heavenly DevilDefeat Don Swan once.
The Cursed OneDefeat Darkbeard once.
Beyond DeathDefeat Order once.
Night’s EdgeDefeat the Cursed Captain once.
Kind-HeartedDrop a fruit.
The KrakenDrop a fruit to the sea.
Lavish LivingBuy any fruit from the Blox Fruit Dealer.
Night OwlBuy a 1M+ fruit from the Blox Fruit Dealer.
Wicked CaptainObtain the Dark Coat.
DragonbornUnlock Dragon Breath.
Burning LegUnlock Death Step.
SharkmanUnlock Sharkman Karate.
SamuraiUnlock Rengoku.
The SilentDie to a player below Level 800.
The ExecutionerDie to a Max Level player. (You need to be Max Level)
The StalkerDefeat a player the same Level as yours.
Risk TakerPurchase a fruit from Blox Fruit Dealer Cousin.
Luck of the DrawObtain a fruit worth more than  1M from Blox Fruit Dealer Cousin.
Unstoppable ForceDefeat 5 players (each kill taking bounty or honor) without dying in the same server.
Raging DemonDefeat 20 players (each kill taking bounty or honor) without dying in the same server.
The ProtagonistDefeat 2 or more players at the same time.
ColdbloodedDefeat 10 players in the same server.
Apex PredatorDefeat 25 players in the same server.
The KillerUnlock Superhuman.
Human WeaponUnlock Superhuman.
Demon EyeUnlock True Triple Katana.
The HurricaneUnlock True Triple Katana.
The EnhancerUnlock any aura color.
True HeartUnlock Snow White.
Bringer of DoomUnlock Pure Red.
Realm CreatorUnlock Winter Sky.
HakaishinUnlock every purchasable aura color.
Slayer of GodUnlock the graveyard secret. (Dark Blade/Slayer Skin)
The GhostCollect 100 ectoplasm.
Ruler of NightCollect 250 ectoplasm.
Lonely ReaperCollect 1,000 ectoplasm.
The Most WantedOwn a Crew that is currently on the Top 100 of the leaderboard.
Pirate KingOwn a Crew that has been on the Top 10 of the leaderboard and be in the game for 72 hours (you can log out in the meantime).
Sugar RushCollect 100 Candies.
Christmas SpiritCollect 250 Candies.
Loco VerdeCollect 1,000 Candies.
Raid BossGet a fruit from the pirate raid event.
The Real DealDefeat an elite enemy.
Demon ModeUnlock Yama.
Celestial SwordsmanUnlock Tushita.
RaitonUnlock Electric Claw.
Shadow SovereignDefeat rip_Indra True Form.
The Chosen OneFind the God’s Chalice in a chest.
Main CharacterComplete Citizen’s mission.
Final HeroUnlock Rainbow Saviour.
SkeletonCollect 250 Bones.
Undead LordCollect 500 Bones. (Unobtainable as of Update 17, you can get the bones but it won’t give you the title.)
Death KingCollect 2,000 Bones. (Unobtainable as of Update 17, you can get the bones but it won’t give you the title.)
ShinigamiDefeat the Soul Reaper once.
The Devil’s LuckObtain Hallow Essence and God’s Chalice from “Praying”.
Dough CommanderDefeat the Cake Prince.
Dough KingDefeat the Dough King.

That’s all we have from this guide. Thanks to Blox Fruits Fandom for this entire list. If you are looking for more Blox Fruits guides, do check out our dedicated section here at Gamer Tweak.