Soccer Ball Codes October 2023

With these Soccer Ball codes, fans of the sport can earn some awesome rewards like a free soccer ball, in-game boosts, and much more. Sports games are very popular on Roblox because of how fun they are to play in a team or PvP and this one’s getting more famous day by day. To support the game and ensure that more codes are released soon, make sure to give Soccer Ball a thumbs up.

In Soccer Ball, players can play in different locations, use various abilities, and work hard to get the best stats for themselves. Make sure to keep trying to get better at the game because there are coins as rewards for top placements.

Last checked for new codes on October 11, 2023

Soccer Ball Codes

  • 12,500LIKES – Redeem this code to get free rewards.

Soccer Ball FAQs

What are the Expired Codes?

These are the codes that are no longer working in the game.

  • 4500LIKES!
  • 2250LIKES!

How to Redeem Soccer Ball Codes?

how to redeem soccer ball codes
  • Launch the game.
  • Click on the Gift icon which is at the top left corner of the screen.
  • A new menu will appear where you need to click on the Codes button.
  • Type a code in the pop-up.
  • Hit Claim.

What are Roblox Soccer Ball Codes?

Like a majority of Roblox games, there are codes for Soccer Ball that you can use to get in-game rewards or boosts. These last for a short while so players need to hurry and claim them as soon as possible. But even if they expire, more new codes keep coming from the developers.

Why are the Codes not Working?

Make sure to use the codes exactly as shown, otherwise they won’t work. These codes don’t last too long, so if they are not working for you, they might already have expired. In case the codes are working for your friends, close the Roblox client, relaunch it, start the game, and check if they work for you now.

What are the Soccer Ball Controls?

  • Shoot – F, Left Mouse Button, R1 (Console)
  • Ability – Q, Right Mouse Button + Shift Lock, X (Console)
  • Shift Lock – Shift, D Pad Down (Console)
  • Phone/Tablet – Shoot (Left Button), Ability (Middle Button), Shift Lock (Right Button)

We will be adding new codes soon, so make sure to check back often!